All Things Wild

Path Of The Puma (with Jim Williams)

March 02, 2022 Episode 36
All Things Wild
Path Of The Puma (with Jim Williams)
Show Notes

Jim Williams, author of Path Of The Puma, is on the show this week! Find out all about mountain lions, where they live, how they hunt and a bunch of interesting facts about them! They are very interesting creatures that are spread over a large area, come and learn about the similarities and differences between them and other big cats and how their relationship to humans is changing. You can find out more about his book here:

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  • 01:10 Hello and welcome to the show!
  • 02:55 Welcome Jim Williams
  • 03:30 You wrote a book, The Path Of The Puma
  • 04:40 It is an audio book too, how long did it take to make?
  • 06:15 You started out in marine biology?
  • 10:00 Decline in kelp forests and Great White sharks
  • 12:25 From working with dolphins to studying mountain lions?!
  • 18:25 What was it like working with dolphins? Do you think that zoos and aquariums are still necessary?
  • 25:40 Tell us about the Mountain Lion habitat
  • 30:00 Most of the time we don’t know they are around
  • 32:40 Great tracking story
  • 34:30 How do they compare to leopards?
  • 36:40 Jaguars
  • 37:55 Regional differences between the same species
  • 40:45 Mountain lion conservation should be an easier thing to get right
  • 42:30 People and mountain lions
  • 46:05 The hunters are leading the conservation for these cats
  • 50:55 Predator vs prey ratio
  • 55:25 Predators keep the food chain stable
  • 59:40 Glacier National Park
  • 01:02:30 Thank you for being on the show! Your last thoughts