All Things Wild

Dolphin Fight Club (with Cassie Volker)

March 21, 2022 Martin Episode 37
All Things Wild
Dolphin Fight Club (with Cassie Volker)
Show Notes

Welcome back to the show! Today we have Cassie Volker of the Wild Dolphin Project and she studies aggression in dolphins! Did you know that dolphins can form small gangs which then go and beat up rival pods? Neither did we! Lot’s of super interesting info on today’s show, thank you so much Cassie for making time for this interview!

Be sure to visit their website: and follow them @WildDolphinProject

00:11 Hello and welcome back!

02:10 Hello Cassie, welcome to the show!

03:50 How long have you been doing this for?

06:30 So you’re interested in dolphin aggression?

07:55 How did you figure out what they were doing?

09:50 Do they get injured?

11:45 Orca attack

16:15 Males or females?

18:05 Youtube Video (

19:35 Coalitions and alliances in dolphin communities

21:10 Do they practice their fight moves?

22:30 Do these groups stay together?

24:05 Separating from their mother’s

25:45 Lamda the dolphin

31:20 They seem to recognize individual people

32:20 Bottlenose vs spotted dolphins

36:20 How do the fights start?

38:00 Worst injuries and have they hurt humans before?

43:00 Reading their behaviour

45:20 Dolphin vs chimp violence

47:45 Communication in dolphins

52:45 Dolphin language

57:20 Your favorite moment in the water

58:40 What do you think of their intelligence?

01:01:20 Thank you Cassie!

01:01:30 Outro