All Things Wild

Reef Shark Society! (with Yannis Papastamatiou)

July 07, 2022 Yannis Papastamatiou Episode 41
All Things Wild
Reef Shark Society! (with Yannis Papastamatiou)
Show Notes

Yannis Papastamatiou definitely studies one of the coolest animals in the world: Reef Sharks! We talk about all things Reef Sharks, the many different types, new info on their body language, communication and what their society is like.
Yannis tells us about his research and theories on these interesting animals! When you hear sharks, you don’t think of social animals - this should change your mind!

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Important Times:

  • 00:10 Intro
  • 00:55 Welcome Yannis! What is your background with sharks?
  • 02:25 Are sharks ‘social animals’?
  • 04:25 What species of shark are we talking about?
  • 05:10 Tell us about Reef Sharks - are they one species or many different ones?
  • 06:25 Notorious body language
  • 07:05 Attacking scuba divers or is it spearfishing?
  • 09:20 Do sharks form schools? School vs Shoal
  • 10:00 Some sharks seem to become friends
  • 11:30 How many sharks did you tag and how did you study them?
  • 13:35 Night time activity
  • 17:50 What fish do they eat? Do they target weaker fish?
  • 20:05 Sharks behaving similar to sharks
  • 22:35 Why do they pick friends?
  • 24:35 The mystery of shark pups: where are they?!
  • 27:25 Thanks for your time!