All Things Wild

The Grabby Aliens Hypothesis Part 1 (with Robin Hanson)

August 02, 2022 Robin Hanson Episode 43
All Things Wild
The Grabby Aliens Hypothesis Part 1 (with Robin Hanson)
Show Notes

Today is something completely different... but actually really similar if you think about it. We are always talking with experts about how animals experience our world, today we are talking about how an animal from another planet would experience it's world! Robin Hanson tells us about his Grabby Aliens Hypothesis and we explore the possibility of life on other planets!

This is a 2 part episode -  next week is part 2!

Important Times:

01:40 Welcome Robin! What made you interested in your field of research?
03:00 What is your Grabby Aliens Hypothesis?
07:10 Is the universe dead and empty?
09:20 We should see evidence of civilizations in the stars
10:30 The model is a 3 parameter model, linked to data
14:10 Finding spheres in the universe
16:30 What would prove your hypothesis wrong? Time, Panspermia
19:30 The early solar system
21:20 How sure are we of our solar system's history?
24:20 What research is being done now about Panspermia?
25:40 Grabby vs Non-Grabby Aliens
28:40 They're either there or not 
30:40 Congressional hearings on UFO's
32:00 Old crazy theories can become fact, like meteorites and pink lightning
34:50 Robin is evaluating how 'crazy' these theories are, which one's can be dismissed and which can't
37:05 4 categories of UFO reports. 1: Mistakes/Errors
37:50 Category 2: Hoaxes
41:55 Many reports are category 1
42:55 Some reports fit well into category 2
43:40 Next 2 categories. 3: Built on earth. 4: Built outside of earth
45:25 Evidence trumps chance, but I can make a reasonable theory for each category
47:50 Category 2 vs 4: Lying and Hoaxes could be working
49:00 What about the Nimitz Incident 
50:20 Uncertainty can be used to your advantage
54:05 Outro

Part 2 coming soon!!