All Things Wild

The Grabby Aliens Hypothesis Part 2 (with Robin Hanson)

August 11, 2022 Robin Hanson Episode 44
All Things Wild
The Grabby Aliens Hypothesis Part 2 (with Robin Hanson)
Show Notes
Part 2 of our conversation with Robin Hanson about his Grabby Aliens theory! We dive into the details and explore the things that might have happened and possible explanations for UFO sightings and ultimately mankind's fate. We weigh up the different options to try understand what these things could be, if they are real after all!  A really interesting dive into the theoretical universe.

What do you think? Do aliens have a rule against expanding? Would you break that rule? Do you lean towards the hoax or the aliens theory? Let us know!

Important times:
00:10 Welcome to All Things Wild!
01:00 Lying can be a solution
02:20 1 in 1000 chance for Grabby Aliens to be true: here's how.
03:50 How likely is intelligent life?
05:00 The big puzzle: they didn't expand, why?
07:15 Weird things can end up being true
11:30 Why do they stay officially hidden?
13:10 Social animal hierarchy
18:20 This is my best story to explain the alien theory
20:00 Nuclear facilities and visitations
21:50 The aliens needed a simple and robust strategy
23:05 Are they reporting back to anyone?
24:15 Are they biological or artificial life?
25:25 What if they were biological?
26:20 They seem cruel to not allow expansion
28:25 What happens when they meet other aliens?
30:25 Grabby humans
31:40 Would you follow their rule?
33:25 Ecosystem of the universe
36:10 Leave this to the experts in each field
38:10 Would we be in danger of breaking the rule yet?
40:30 Problems with the hoax theories
43:20 Grabby Aliens seems possible but makes a lot of assumptions, hoax takes less
45:40 Thank you Robin! Hope to see you in the Pentagon one day!
46:45 Outro