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Remember Stoffel? (with Brian Jones)

August 15, 2021 Martin Season 1 Episode 24
All Things Wild
Remember Stoffel? (with Brian Jones)
Show Notes

With the intention of talking about honey badgers, I reached out to Brian Jones who is the founder of the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in South Africa. His wildlife center is home to the viral sensation Stoffel the honey badger, who gain notoriety for his tenacity and cleverness in multiple documentaries that have been widely disrupted on the internet. However, we quickly began to talk about the intense corruption and lack of will to protect the wildlife and the habitats to support them in South Africa. We also discuss the rarely covered phenomena of vulture poaching that is destroying the natural balance of life in South Africa. Through all of the coverage of Stoffel and the Moholoholo Center, they have received no financial support from the numerous networks who have used them to make a profit. Below is a link to donate to the Moholoholo Center who desperately need the funding. Please also email the center to let them know that you have heard the podcast and that you support their work. 

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