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Shark Shield (with Lindsay Lyon, CEO of Ocean Guardian)

November 01, 2021 Martin
All Things Wild
Shark Shield (with Lindsay Lyon, CEO of Ocean Guardian)
Show Notes

Lindsay Lyon is the CEO  of Ocean Guardian, a company that manufactures shark

deterrents! Can you really put a device on your surfboard or attached to your leg that will

stop a 15 foot Great White Shark from attacking you? Ocean Guardian claims to do just that

and have the evidence to prove it works! He has a small company down in Western Australia

where they manufacture a whole range of shark deterrent devices: for surfboards,

spearfishing and diving, boating and angling. In 2018 they changed their name in Ocean

Guardian to make a name that would stand out and prove itself to be trustworthy. There is a

ton of great footage HERE of the Ocean Guardian in action! They also have plans to make

the world's first electric shark barrier to make sharky beaches safer to swim in, protecting

humans and sharks! Ocean Guardian products are designed to reduce the risk of shark

attacks, letting you enjoy the ocean without fear.

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● 00:11 Intro

● 02:06 Hello Lindsay! Have you always been surfing? What is it like in Western


● 04:38 What is the technology you use and where did it come from?

● 05:50 We developed an entire range of shark deterrents, the marketing is just really


● 07:00 There are a lot of myths about these “shark shields”, why do people have such

a sceptical view on them?

● 08:57 Where did the name come from?

● 10:05 How does Shark Shield Technology work?

● 12:04 Ampullae of Lorenzini, small gel sacks on shark’s noses that detect electrical


● 13:22 We create an electrical field with two stainless steel electrodes

● 15:17 It does NOT attract sharks

● 15:50 Peer research

● 18:52 It can be very helpful for spearfishing

● 21:58 These are safety devices, designed to reduce risk of attack

● 22:50 Shark attacks are extremely rare

● 24:25 We made these products so that you can enjoy the ocean without fear, the

psychology of fear of sharks

● 26:14 Sharks learn that the sound of a speargun being fired means free food

● 27:57 The danger depends on where you are, what is the most dangerous ocean


● 29:09 Fatalities in Western Australia, the government gives you money to purchase

an Ocean Guardian device!

● 31:41 Are surfing attacks a case of mistaken identity?

● 32:30 Testing footage

● 35:30 Big sharks are smarter, most attacks are from younger sharks

● 36:26 Great White, Bull Shark and Tiger Sharks are responsible for around 97% of

human attacks. The technology works better the bigger the shark

● 38:03 Shark attacks and population growth

● 39:26 We have a program to help survivors get back into the water

● 42:12 Shark Barrier: an electric alternative to shark nets

● 43:22 We have products for surfing, diving, boating, ocean fishing and now shark


● 48:55 Sharks are treated very unfairly by society

● 49:47 Great White Shark diving in South Africa: the sharks have all disappeared!

Could Killer Whales be to blame?

● 52:05 Toe nibbling Killer Whales

● 53:00 Great Whites in Australia

● 53:54 Outro