All Things Wild

Spinner & Spotted Dolphins (with Liah McPherson)

November 30, 2021 Martin
All Things Wild
Spinner & Spotted Dolphins (with Liah McPherson)
Show Notes

Liah McPherson is the next guest on the show! She is a Masters student with the

Marine Mammal Research program through the University of Hawaii and a field assistant 

with the Wild Dolphin Project in the Bahamas. I was able to join her and the Wild Dolphin 

Project on their boat in the Bahamas doing research on Spotted 


Important Times:

● 00:11 Intro

● 02:23 Hello again Liah! You have a really interesting lifestyle, introduce yourself!

● 03:28 Why did you choose to study dolphins?

● 05:08 Spinner dolphins and the species you study

● 05:57 Using drones

● 07:00 What research are you doing in Hawaii?

● 09:48 Tell us about these Spinner dolphins!

● 11:45 Why do they spin?

● 13:00 How do they rest and sleep?

● 14:45 Do they travel as a group?

● 18:42 Conflict with humans

● 21:28 Federal offense if you get too close to them

● 24:56 Spinner vs Bottlenose dolphins

● 27:38 What research are you doing in the Bahamas?

● 32:44 Favorite memory with the dolphins

● 33:22 Taking samples

● 36:46 Seaweed game they play with humans

● 40:09 What is the coolest part of your job?

● 41:02 Martin’s experience with a baby Dolphin named Basmati

● 42:16 Do you feel like you’re swimming with an intelligent animal?

● 43:10 Language and communication

● 45:45 How do they navigate?

● 47:26 Humans using echolocation

● 48:00 Sound underwater

● 48:32 Triangulating individual dolphins from their sound

● 51:25 Thank you for being on the show! Any last thoughts?

Liah’s Instagram: @mcfearsome

Wild Dolphin Project: @wilddolphinproject

Marine Mammal Research Project: @mmrp_uh