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Hunting with Golden Eagles (with Dr. Lauren McGough)

January 10, 2022 Martin
All Things Wild
Hunting with Golden Eagles (with Dr. Lauren McGough)
Show Notes

Today’s episode is with Lauren McGough, a social anthropologist passionate about flying

and hunting with eagles! She is one of the few people in the United States that actively flies

and hunts with eagles. When she was young she convinced her dad to take her to Mongolia,

where they still hunt with eagles, to learn from the generations of eagle falconers there. She

has a Golden and a Black Eagle that she hunts with! Listen in on the interview and learn

some really interesting things about birds of prey and hunting using eagles!

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Important Times:

● 00:11 Intro

● 01:20 Hello Lauren! You fly eagles, tell us about that!

● 01:50 What is a Black Eagle?

● 02:55 Can any Raptor species be taught to hunt with humans?

● 05:38 Origins of Falconry

● 06:40 How did you go to Mongolia and learn to fly eagles?

● 12:05 Tell us about Mongolia!

● 17:30 How long ago have eagles been used for hunting?

● 20:40 Regional prey

● 22:20 What’s the biggest prey that a Golden Eagle can take?

● 31:40 What speed do they go?

● 33:20 Eagle intelligence

● 36:17 Caring for eagles

● 42:10 Training eagles vs other birds

● 46:35 Raising birds and rehabilitation

● 52:44 Birds getting lead poisoning from hunter’s bullets

● 55:45 Hunting environment

● 01:00:05 Do eagles hunt Coyotes?

● 01:01:10 Quick questions: Favourite memory from Mongolia

● 01:03:55 Favourite eagle you’ve ever flown

● 01:09:20 How happy are people in Mongolia?

● 01:12:56 Thank you for your time! How can people contact you?